The Bandits

Welcome to the home of Bikini Bandits!

Welcome to the home of Bikini Bandits!

Since we made our first epic movie back in 1999, more than 32 million people have watched our gun-toting girls online, on TV and on DVD!

If you’re a fanboy, please proceed to the store and buy our DVDs.

If you’re an advertiser who wants us to incorporate a product into our next short, we’d love to hear from you. Bikini Bandits is good, wholesome entertainment!

If you are a band that wants us to be in a music video or just hang out with us, get in line. (seriously, if we like your music, like we did for Eagles of Death Metal and A Perfect Circle, we might do it)

If you are a Hollywood executive who thinks Bikini Bandits is the next blockbuster, what took you so long!!!! (and please don’t rip us off the way Quentin Tarantino did)

Enjoy the site!